Shape the future of your cyber ecosystem

Smartphones, laptops, digital systems, and other services are now ingrained into daily life, its hard to imagine life without them. It is more important than ever to take steps that can prevent cyber criminals getting hold of our devices, data and systems.

So is your business prepared for a potential cyber-attack?

Cyber Quarter is here to assist. We’re listening! Tell us about your business. Tell us about your Digital Environment. What are your Cyber Concerns?

Eligible businesses can receive over 15 hours of fully funded support to access specialist and academic expertise from the University of Wolverhampton, which may include:

  • Cyber security awareness and best practises
  • Specific client cyber concerns
  • Identifying potential threats and weaknesses that could be exploited
  • How to minimise cyber risk
  • Incident response management

Need more support? We have got you covered…

Once the initial support has been conducted and the Cyber Security Health Check has been completed, Cyber Quarter can then help deep dive into potential issues facing your business.

The CONA™ report helps to address a wide range of identified Cyber Security concerns through the use of various Open Source Intelligence tools. Though this comprehensive report the Cyber Quarter team provide recommendations around delivering Best Practise, Next Steps & Action Plan. This is subject to the Digital Footprint of your business which, if low, we will recommend a more appropriate service.

Using public information, the passive tests and report measures your organisation against 5 key areas of Cyber Security and indicates a standing against your industry. Discover where your cyber risk rating positions your business against your industry sector. We deliver a Review, recommended Next Steps & an Action Plan. There is also the potential to include additional ISO 27001, NIST & Risk formats.

This is an essential plan and template for your business and complements your GDPR policy in the event of a hack and possible data loss. This helps you to understand your responses to Cyber Incidents and provides assurances to your customers, suppliers, and staff. A core tool to having a resilient business, this is an ever evolving template that incorporates Best Practises, Documentation Templates & Action Plan.

Helping you to assess, identify and manage your Cyber Security Risk. Delivering Best Practise, Documentation Templates & Action Plan.  Through a combined approach, the Cyber Quarter consultant works with you to properly evaluate your organisational risk and recommend a strategy to manage cyber risk in an optimal way for your business.

Research & Development Collaboration

Business Assistance support can be complemented by a long term Research and Development Collaboration with the University of Wolverhampton, to help you address niche cyber problems, develop novel ideas, bring new products to market or scale-up in new markets.

We normally work with companies to collaboratively research and develop their IoT and BYOD strategy and develop appropriate policies and checks.

The collaboration is focused on a niche cyber area that is an issue to your business. This typically runs for a few weeks, or several months at the maximum. We agree a schedule of work with your business where both parties contribute 50:50 to the costs of the project. These collaborations create a safe and low risk environment to trial new technologies conducive to the innovative development of existing or new solutions, products and services.

If you have a query or would like to discuss the support available, complete the enquiry form or email: