June 28, 2023 Emily-Jane Hyde
Category : News

The EMiC network is a network for the Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority cyber academia, professionals, and businesses with the long-term aim of significantly improving representation across the cyber sector. The network was created to help build an understanding of the barriers members face when attempting to access leadership positions in decision making groups and influence regional and national decision-makers. To inform and challenge national policymaking, providing feedback and insight to proposed policy interventions and strategies and to create a space for collaboration, training, mentorship and share learning and best practice.

On Tuesday, 27th June 2023, the Ethnic Minority in Cyber Network (EMiC) hosted the National Symposium on Cyber Strength through Ethnic Diversity, a pivotal event dedicated to addressing diversity issues within the cyber security sector. Held at the Park Regis Hotel in Birmingham, the event brought together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds to discuss the importance of inclusivity and innovative strategies to improve diversity in the ever-evolving realm of cyber security.

The symposium kicked off with a series of engaging talks and panel discussions that delved into various aspects of diversity in the cyber security industry. Topics ranged from gender and ethnic diversity to neurodiversity and the role of ally ship in creating an inclusive work environment.

A highlight of the symposium was the "Seeds for Change" workshop, which encouraged delegates to roll up their sleeves and actively participate in open discussions. The workshop aimed to not only highlight the diversity issues but also provide actionable solutions and best practices for attendees to take away and implement within their own organisations.

The National Symposium on Cyber Strength through Ethnic Diversity was a resounding success, marking a significant step forward in the EMiC Network’s bid to raise awareness and create a more inclusive industry for cyber security professionals of all backgrounds.

For further information on upcoming EMiC Network events, please visit www.emic-network.co.uk.