Start Date 08.02.2022 Time 12:00 pm
End Date 08.02.2022 Time 2:00 pm
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Enabling line managers working in high pressure environments to balance performance and objectives

About this event

Since March 2020, cyber security professionals have been in demand. As organisations accelerated their adoption of digital technologies, cyber security specialists have seen their working hours and stress levels increase as they struggle to balance innovation with security.

Managing an individual with high stress levels can be difficult. How can you have difficult conversations without increasing stress levels? How do you achieve organisational objectives when someone is already over-worked? The answers to some of these questions and more can be found in the University’s latest webinar.

Register to attend this webinar to get guidance & tips on how to:

  • Create communication strategies that can improve morale
  • Identify work place stressors and manage their impact
  • Develop alternative working practices that can reduce burnout
  • Remove the perception that high stress levels are a normal part of the job
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