Enterprise Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Course delivery: Online/Face-to-face
  • Course code: CQETVA
  • Cost: £1,750 + VAT

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Training course outline

How can you protect your organisation when you don’t know your organisation is being attacked? Using adequate threat detection and vulnerability assessment tools can help in identifying any malicious activity that could compromise the network. IT environments and malicious actors have grown far too sophisticated. Hence, good knowledge of the threat landscape and a combination of vulnerability assessment tools are required to identify and mitigate any type of security threat or disruption. This course will expose you to the threat modelling concept and proactive approach to dealing with security incidents.

What will I learn?

  • How to implement vulnerability Triage and prioritise threat mitigation
  • To utilise open-source tools to conduct threat intelligence and analysis
  • How to identify existing weaknesses in organisations assets and draft measures to eliminate them

Who should attend this training course?

The Enterprise Threat and Vulnerability Assessment is suitable for those who seek a career as security and threat analysts responsible for threat modelling in an organisation. There are no previous learning requirements.

What does this training course cover?

  • Introduction to Basic Theory and Concepts in threat and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Cyber threat modelling approaches
  • Penetration Testing Standards and Plans
  • Security testing types & compliance
  • VA policies & management
  • Enumeration & vulnerability assessment
  • Target Analysis
  • Strategic Business management analysis
  • Operational planning
  • STRIDE Model
  • Cyber security modelling languages
  • STIX and CybOX
  • Threat Model Validation & DFDs
  • Diagram types & Trust Boundaries
  • STRIDE Variants
  • Attack Trees
  • TM Tools & Experimental Approaches
  • Attack Libraries & Checklists

What’s included in this course?

  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Free onsite parking
  • Access to full course materials (digital copy PDF)
  • A certificate of course completion


How can I further my knowledge?

For additional training modules and more details please contact cyberqtr@wlv.ac.uk