Unleash Your Cyber Security Potential

At Cyber Quarter, we are passionate about empowering individuals and organisations to strengthen their cyber security defences through hands-on training and practical exercises. Our enhanced Cyber Range service is designed to empower SOC teams with comprehensive and hands-on training experiences. The cutting-edge platform offers a safe, controlled, and realistic environment for practicing and refining cyber security skills, ensuring teams are well-prepared to face evolving threats.

Our Cyber Range Offerings

Develop foundational, intermediate, and advanced hands-on cyber security skills.

  • Realistic Simulation.
  • Training for every role (SOC, Ethical Hacking, etc.)
  • Custom learning paths.
  • Guided hands-on learning.
  • Certification preparation (CISSP, CEH, Security+ etc.)
  • Skill assessment.
  • Team certifications.
  • Team tracking and reporting.
  • On-demand access and support.
  • Targeted Training.
  • Reporting & Insights.
  • Gamification.

Team Threat Exercises – Live Fire Adversary Simulation and Defence

Prepare your cyber security team to combat real-world cyber threats by conducting hands-on threat exercises in highly realistic simulated environments.

  • Real attack scenarios.
  • Configurable security stack.
  • Safe and scalable environments.
  • Skill gap identification.
  • Post exercise review.
  • Continuous upskilling.

Candidate Assessment

Identify top talent and build a team capable of protecting your organisation from cyber threats.

  • Validate candidate skills.
  • Discover high potential candidates.
  • Fill skill gaps within your organisation.
  • Efficient and cost-effective hiring of cyber talents.

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