Cyber Defence

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Course delivery: Online/Face-to-face
  • Course code: CQCD
  • Cost: £1,800 + VAT

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Training course outline

Cyber Defence has become one of the biggest business priorities in an attempt to deal with dynamic attack vectors while still relying on static controls and measures. It is a systematic approach to help an organisation better articulate, manage and change threat thresholds and improve the effectiveness of security controls. This course seeks to address the core principles, methods, tools and products available used in proactive network defence to prevent cyber-attacks or decrease the time taken to discover them. It will guide delegates through the fundamentals of building and evaluating successful and secure network communication platforms with a focus on all strategic, tactical and operational aspects.

What will I learn?

  • This course will provide an in-depth and systematic understanding of methodologies, tools and techniques used in network defence and attack analysis in terms of their effectiveness and suitability in different organisational contexts and threat landscapes
  • Flexible and autonomously apply knowledge to the creation of innovative and pragmatic solutions in network defence as a response to multi-faced, sophisticated and destructive cyber attacks

Who should attend this training course?

The Cyber Defence course is suitable for any delegate who wants to understand the impact of cyber-attacks and defence mechanisms in different organisational contexts through a hands-on technical explication. There are no previous learning requirements.

What does this training course cover?

  • Incident coordination and information sharing 
  • Firewall technologies / IDPS / VoIP Security / HoneyPots 
  • Threat Modeling Processes and Network Access Controls (NAC) 
  • Network-based Attacks 
  • Intrusion and multi-stage attack analysis 
  • Understanding Network components and Protocols;
  • Secure network communications
  • Intelligence gathering for adaptive network defence
  • Kill-chain model and the APTs paradigm
  • Threat-based severity analysis

What’s included in this course?

  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Free onsite parking
  • Access to full course materials (digital copy PDF)
  • A certificate of course completion


How can I further my knowledge?

For additional training modules and more details please contact