The centre’s vision is to become a national hub to enhance and consolidate national and international security.

Based on Skylon Park, Hereford’s Enterprise Zone, the centre is positioned to become a key player in the Cyber Valley that spans across Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire and is home to 15% of the UK’s top 600 cyber companies. Backed by the expert academic team from the University of Wolverhampton's Cyber Research Institute, the centre supports businesses, develops their skill sets and leads in cyber security testing, research and development.

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Midlands Centre for Cyber Security aims to:

  • Be a world leading facility and a global leader in cybersecurity innovation
  • Share best practice excellence through international collaboration and partnerships
  • Provide funded support to businesses facing emerging cyber security challenges
  • Provide world leading testing facilities for businesses to test their smart technology and infrastructure
  • Be a home for companies within the cyber and IT sector
  • Be a world leading facility and a global leader in cybersecurity innovation
  • Support the commercial potential of newly developed cyber innovations with the latest product and process development
  • Continue to improve the safer use of the Internet for societal benefit
  • Host specialist cyber training and industry events

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